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What Makes Us Different -
Custom Design, Manufacture and Packaging of Plastic Components

We will consider almost any application, material, shape or process.  And if it is not something we already do, we are always looking for good opportunities to learn new skills.  We do not look for customers or parts that fit our mold.  Rather, we look for the right opportunities and find ways to tailor our processes and services to provide effective solutions for you. 

Part Design and Material Selection

Profile Plastics works with you to understand your application, assist with your design and material selection and identify needed features.

Are agency approvals such as UL or FDA required?
Is your product regularly exposed to moisture, high or
    low temperatures or chemicals?
Do you need stock colors or a custom color match?

Together we ensure your product performs to expectations with the right balance of cost and performance.

Plastic Extrusion Part Design and Color Selection

Fabrication and Processing

Once the part design is complete, how will you use your parts?  
Cut to several specific lengths & punch holes? 
Do you need adhesive or tape on the part? 
Printed part number or lot traceability information?  
Miter cut ends?  Bending, welding or other forming? 
If so, let Profile provide those operations as we extrude to save you time and money.
CNC Machining Punching/Drilling Welding
Embossing Tape/adhesive Printing
Bending Cutting
Plastic Routing and Fabrication


Profile Plastics also has an experienced tooling team to transform your design into finished parts.  We offer in-house design and engineering resources and an on-site tool and die shop to provide the extrusion tooling for your parts.

Do your volumes merit the investment in very high speed tooling
    at maximum efficiency? Or would you be better served by low
    cost tooling?
Do your parts require fabrication or secondary processing?
Is there an opportunity to perform additional operations on line
     to save extra handling and cost?

We have the experience to design, build and program the fixtures and equipment necessary for cost effective and precise processing on line or off line.

Tooling Design

Quality Control

Understanding your application and how your part will be used also helps us to design an effective quality control plan.  We work with you to design custom "real world" testing to ensure real world performance. 

Do you plan to drive screws through your part? 
Does it need to support a certain load? 
Does your part mate with another piece in an assembly?

Our goal is to see your part as you and your customers see it.

Plastic Extrusion Quality Control and Fit Checking

Packaging and Labeling

Your parts can be assembled, bagged or placed in kits with other components and instructions ready for your customers to use. We can meet export packaging requirements as well.

Do you need bar code labels for fast and accurate receiving and inventory control?
Can we help with custom labels, tags, cards or packaging components?
Can we provide shelf ready packaging? Distribution labeling?

However you need your part packaged, we deliver.

Coiling / Spooling Labeling
Bagging Kitting
Packaging and Kitting

Customer Service and Delivery

And once your parts are in production, our efforts continue as we provide individualized customer service. You can trust Profile to give you delivery schedules that you can count on. And if your biggest customer changes their plans, we will work with you to adjust our schedule and priorities to support you. And when you need help, you will be able to speak to a team member for personal assistance. Whatever your extrusion needs may be, from the initial idea to the delivery of the final product, Profile Plastics will be there. We give you the extrusions you want, how you want them, when you want them and at a competitive price.
Complete Inventory Control
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